About Sakai Help

Please note that the help documentation provided for Sakai is written for "out-of-the-box" (OOTB) Sakai. As such, it is designed to support the core tools available for this version.

The screen images incorporated into the documentation are all taken using the generic, OOTB Sakai theme or "skin."

Depending on local customizations, your individual instance of Sakai may have some differences in available tools, tool names, user roles, skins, or default permissions.

Also note that while all users have the ability to search and view all available help, your user account must have the necessary permissions in order to perform administrative or site management tasks. Help articles may describe features or settings that are not available to you, depending on your role within a site. See What are permissions and roles? for more information.

Searching Help

You can search Help content by entering a search term or phrase in the search pane on the left, and clicking on the Search button. Search results are ranked by relevance.

Tool Help

While using a tool, you can go directly to the Help for that tool by clicking on the Help link in the tool content frame.

Additional Help Resources

If the information you're looking for is not available here, try looking in the online Sakai Community Wiki.